Customer Quotes


VP, Claims @ Mid-sized Carrier

It’s always been a challenge for us in the industry to kind of have that smooth communication between the employer, injured worker, the adjuster, and all the other pertinent (parties)- treating physician, nurse case manager, all those things. Having a platform that helps facilitates that communication is really good, and then having that platform communicate to each party, it's pretty slick.”


Claims Manager @ Large Carrier

I think it's important for us to consider that injured worker psychosocial piece of the recovery, which is tough, and that's been something that's on the forefront of the industry in the past couple of years, and as claims managers that's something important for us to consider. So, I think you've built something that's certainly unique out there and certainly brings all those pieces together.”


VP, medical @ Managed care Provider

Jarvis allows us to use case management in a pointed intervention as opposed to just blanketed across our program.”


AVP, Claims @ Mid-Sized Carrier

I'm fascinated, and you need to take that as a compliment because as you can imagine I get probably one call a day from vendors that want to try to sell us different stuff and this is the first one that I've listened in on and thought hmmm this could be really useful.”


Risk Manager @ Large Employer

Having access to these data are powerful in understanding our claims at a deeper level.”