Current Job Openings

Health Coach

Position Summary
We’re in search of exceptional individuals who want to help others improve their health. If you possess a high degree of empathy and the special ability to nudge someone outside of his or her comfort zone as they strive for a goal, we want you as a Gain Life Health Coach.

We’re a Harvard Innovation Launch Lab startup that helps individuals change the behaviors that hold them back from the life they want. We’ve built the Pandora® of health behavior change, transforming one-size-fits-all health interventions into highly personalized consumer experiences- e.g., our weight management program has ~100,000 permutations of personalization. Check out our Gain Life website and program websites, ManUP and PowerUP, to learn more.

The Role
You’ll lead members (1:1 and groups) through a four-month structured program, providing accountability and problem solving along the way. You’ll continue that coaching relationship until a member’s new healthy habits become second nature.
• Facilitate ManUP and PowerUP as designed, but add your personal strengths and uniqueness as a Coach to create the best possible experience for members
• Build trust and a strong degree of accountability with members (over video and in-app chat)
• Encourage members to follow the programs’ holistic approach: body, mind, and purpose
• Provide weekly feedback on members’ progress to improve their body, mind, and purpose
• Be accessible to members in a timely manner to answer questions and troubleshoot issues

• Passion to want to help others
• Ability to actively listen and empathize with your members
• Comfortable holding others accountable despite only having an indirect influence on them
• Ability to work with a diverse group of individuals of varying ages, ethnicities, life experiences, etc.
• Commit to finish the 16-week coaching experience with every new member you start
• Must own a smartphone and have the ability to adeptly complete online video calls (e.g., Skype, FaceTime, etc.) and chat in the application with your members
• Minimum of two years coaching experience (this doesn’t need to be health coaching experience)
• Relevant certification or licensure- e.g., health coach, licensed social worker, personal trainer, etc.

Coaches earn a pay rate equivalent to the national average for health coaches, while working from anyplace they want, at the times they want, and with as many members as they want at one time.

How to Apply
Go to the following link to apply online: